When You Should Wear Balcony Bras

La SenzaThe days of one bra working for every occasion are gone with the proverbial wind. These days, there is a specialty bra that has been designed with a particular fashion issue in mind. The balcony bra is one of these bras.

You go out shopping and find a top you love. The top fits well and you can see it meshing well with a number of skirts and pants you have. You buy it and a week or two passes. When you finally have an opportunity to wear it, you discover a big problem. The top has a scoop neck and the upper edges of your bra cups show. Obviously, this is a major problem

The balcony bra, also known as a balconette bra, is designed to address just this outfit problem. In general, you want as much support and coverage as you can get out of your bra. With scoop or low cut neck tops, this creates a natural fashion conflict. How can you get the support you need without the cups showing? After a number of failed designs, designers came up with a unique approach.

The balcony bra solves the problem by providing more support than you usually get along the bottom and outer area of the cups. This effectively causes the breasts to rise and move towards the center of the chest. Of course, this creates cleavage, which usually is desirable with a low cut neck.

Ah, but we still have our problem with the upper edges of the cup showing, right? Not really. The balcony bra design reduces the cup coverage across the top and inner area of the breasts. This effectively keeps the cups from showing above the cut line of the top unless you are wearing something with a severe plunge.

The real beauty of a balcony bra is it provides you with a solution to low cut tops without sacrificing much performance. Bras are designed to provide support from the bottom up, not the top down. As a result, the support provided by the band running around the lower edge of the bra and the cups themselves are critical to the performance of a bra. Although the balcony bra sacrifices some support by reducing the cup coverage, it more than makes up for it with extra support in the lower cup and band area. It is a perfect mixture of form and function.

If you wear low cut tops, a balcony bra is a must for your undergarment collection.

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